Our organization is divided in to Departments and they are allotted in a large production area. The Workers are divided into 9 groups of 5 goldsmiths and managed by a foreman, with assistance from the corresponding departments, depending on the job they are working on. The departments and the machines play an important role, when the workers need more than their regular tools such as Pliers, Cutters, Pressure Guns, Compressors, hammers etc.

The supervisors oversees the work from two computerized terminals (CR and DR), which is equipped with Bar Code scanners, Weighing machines, and Label printers with direct interfaces with computers which makes human error free, accounting entries possible. Our Director and Public Relations Officers takes care of the administration and external affairs along with the customer interaction, to project the professionalism of Golden Crown Jewellery L.L.C.

A hand punch Bio metric device, with a finger print sensor is in place to ensure attendance on time.

Our Technical Department supports and maintains the machinery for production within house tools and acts as a backup in case of an emergency production breakdown and assists in the daily working of the Organization.

All our process involving chemical and Gas treatment are overseen by various ministry departments; especially the ministry of environment and our production premises are watched 24 /7 using CC and manual security assistance with other security features in place.

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