• The customers of Golden Crown Jewellery L.L.C from United Kingdom and United states are benefited in buying from us , due to the generalized system of priority [GSP], as the gold ornaments are manufactured in Sultanate of Oman, which enables them to avail huge discounts while importing the gold ornaments to the specified countries.
  • Golden Crown Jewellery has a well equipped design and production house delivering world class designed products to our customers.
  • The cosmopolitan community of workers makes it possible to create the perfect blend of different varieties of Jewellery.
  • Being the largest producer of Gold in Sultanate of Oman, we have access to unique designs for our customers.
  • Our automated process enables production of gold ornaments in huge quantities.
  • Our well defined work management system enables delivery of  products well ahead of the prescribed time .
  • Our assaying laboratory incharge have a privilege to pause the production at any stage and collect the sample for purity test of Gold this ensures that only the prescribed purity of Jewellery is sent to the market.
  • The customers of Golden Crown Jewellery L.L.C. from the GCC countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and U.A.E. can enjoy the unified customer law as there is 0% duty on GCC made products and the GCC products will be considered as a local made product in the entire GCC.The customers of Golden Crown Jewellery L.L.C. from any part of the world who are using Dubai as a importing hub can also collect the delivery in Dubai without and increment in the price by enjoying the unified GCC law.

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